About us

Avicenna Concierge is a private assistance service available 24 hours 7 days a week, providing consultation and services of the best physicians for our clients. A tailor-made service for the clients, their families, friends and business partners designed to cover all kinds of health issues.

Avicenna Concierge provides individual help on your way to whatever kind of medical treatment and in-depth consultations by the means of our network of first-class clinical specialists (available in Slovakia and by the means of our partners in Czech Republic for the moment).

A full-year program has been designed on the base of a full coverage of all potential physicians needed: starting with your personal GP, through an orthopedist, neurologist, surgeon, dentist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, up to top specialists in oncology, should they be needed unfortunately.

Secrecy and keeping your privacy are our basic principles.

Our aim is to take from you the burden of lengthy and unpleasant steps on your way to a first-class health treatment (in the search for the right specialist, endless calls to make appointments up to the logistics to get to the doctor's office), in supporting you to get this done by our network.

Remark: We are no medical emergency service and we do not provide medical service ourselves. An emergency treatment can be done only by a physician, but we will be glad to assist you to find him and help you to get into his office if requested.